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I started out back in the good old 70's with selling ties to men's shops when i was 17 years old. Not lang after that i got the opportunity to run a shop in Roermond because the owner owed me some money and could not pay me... I named the shop 'La Fin' This is basicly the start of me being a businessman.
My familybusiness still runs this first shop by the way!


After succesfully running this first shop, soon the second shop opened in Weert, The Netherlands. The third and fourth soon followed in Roermond and Heerlen. When I entered the 80's I was running 5 succesfull shops in The Netherlands.. The first one still named 'La Fin' and the rest named 'Djive'

basis bloe

During the 80's I opened several more shops. Running under the name 'Basic Bloe' I followed the big jeans trend during those years.. I sold 'Wrangler' and 'Lee' and many more of those 80's jeans. Some of them are becoming 'hip' again by the way.

meyer & meyer

During those years I also managed to buy several buildings in wich I established shops in. This is basicly the start of me being into development, starting with different shopconcepts. Because the jeans trend was slowing down I started with a brand new concept in Amsterdam called Meyer & Meyer.
This actually was the first Factory Outlet Concept in The Netherlands!

sunny & djive

It was also during these years that I pulled back my shops from the little villages and towns that were slowly dying out. This gave me the oppertunity to rebuild my shops in the big city's. The Meyer & Meyer concept proved very succesfull and expanded into the 5 shops we are running today. The Djive shops were renamed into 'Sunny & Djive' and today we run 4 big familystores.


In the late nineties i pulled back from the business and gave the 'scepter' over to my family. My brother John runs all of the shops now and my sons are also working in the family-business. In 2005 we took over Different Fashion Maastricht. Since the late nineties I started doing little projects for hobby with the experience I got from developing shops and as you can see under the 'real estate' button i'm still running and starting new projects all over the world...